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What Your Activity Tracker is Really Doing

From ActivityTrackerComparison.Com

I have a Fitbit, and I love it.  It means that I take more steps, I’m outside my apartment more and I’m moving much much more.  I’ve come up with excuses to go for long walks and even on days where I’m just not in the mood to run, I find myself running to get my step count up.   The Fitbit has been a really good thing for me.

There are also tons of other devices out there, like the Jawbone and the Nike Fuel Band, and of course some I’ve never heard of before.  It seems like every person I meet now has some sort of activity tracker and is very vigilant about knowing their step count for the day.

I found this short article from the NYTimes really interesting.  Using graphs and gifs, they explain exactly what an activity tracker is up to when it’s measuring the distance you’e gone and the steps you’ve taken.

The one thing I will say about the Fitbit is that it encourages me to do only one type of activity: one that counts steps.  Fitbit can’t pick up on my yoga moves, my squats or even my biking (which is sort of disappointing since I just got my bike fixed).  All my Fitbit knows how to do is measure acceleration of the arm the Fitbit is on.

I’m excited to see where the technology takes this, but right now I’m happy enough with my Fitbit.  It has made me much more active than I used to be, and that’s what matters.

If you’re interested in learning more about activity trackers, not just my beloved Fitbit, you can visit this site.  It will compare all of the trackers for you and tell you which one best matches your lifestyle!

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