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Boston is Frozen!

This morning I woke up to ice-covered windows and blankets of white as far as I can see.  I’ve only been in Boston officially now for 6 days, and you know, I’m going to take this blizzard as a good sign of things to come. I’m not sure I’ve experienced a blizzard since I was 6 and living in Minnesota, where a blizzard before Halloween was standard practice.  After that, it was the coast Venezuela (no snow ever) or North Carolina or DC where any hint of snow shut the whole state down.

After playing board games last night, Josh and I went out for a walk in the snow, which was so much fun!  The temperature was 3 degrees and the wind chill was down at something like -20 degrees.  Cold like I haven’t experienced in years.  After spending about 20 minutes outside, we ran upstairs for some hot tea.

Here are some pictures from our walk last night:





Did you get a snow day?  How are you spending it?  We’re thinking of trying to make some roasted chickpea snacks and possibly a soup (although not sure if we have all of the ingredients, but we’ll find out!)

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Weekend Adventure: Crabtree Falls

I went on an adventure in Northern Virginia this weekend, so very little cooking happened, but I had a wonderful time and wanted to share pictures.  So here we go.  My friend Ben picked me up on Sunday morning and we drove out to VA before picking up a couple more people and heading down to the George Washington National Forest.  The plan had been to hike Spy Rock, but since it was raining, and Spy Rock involved a rock scramble at the top, we decided to go a different route and did Crabtree Falls, which is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi (who knew!?)

Crabtree Falls

The base of the waterfall

Crabtree Falls

Further up

Crabtree Falls

Even further up. There were lots of signs alerting danger. I think if you aren’t stupid and stay on the trail, you should be fine.

Me and Ben

Here we are, only half-way up!

Crabtree Falls

And the top of the waterfall, finally!

After the hike, which took about 2 hours (and almost 9,000 steps according to my FitBit Flex) we went to a couple of breweries on the way home and did flight tastings at both.

Beer flight at the Devil’s Backbone Brewery

Beer flight round two at Blue Mountain Brewery

Overall, the absolute best way I could have chosen to spend a summer Sunday! What did you do this weekend? Anything cool?

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