Subway: Is it really a good fast-food option?

I have to say, last week when Michelle Obama announced that she was partnering with Subway to help reduce child obesity, I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, she’s got a major fast food corporation agreeing to get kids hooked on veggies by spending $41 million over 3 years to promote vegetables as a healthier option.  Subway is going to increase fruit and vegetables options on the kids menu as well as offer lean dairy and non-sugary drink options.  Great.

But what about the adults?  What about the preservatives that go into their bread?  I mean, have you seen that ingredient list?  Their bread has like fifty ingredients.  You know what goes into bread? Wheat, yeast, salt, water, maybe some milk, maybe some seeds, maybe an egg.  So at most you have like seven ingredients?  Maybe a little bit more if you’re doing something fancy, but nothing near fifty.  Also, it wasn’t until this most recent Saturday morning that Subway announced it was going to remove a chemical from its ingredient line-up that is also frequently found in yoga mats and tennis shoes.  Excuse me?

So sure, they’re removing that chemical and apparently re-doing their bread formula, but there are still several other issues I have, the first being this Fritos sandwich they’ve been promoting during the Olympics.  You cannot both encourage children to eat vegetables and healthy meals and then encourage adults to eat garbage.  You know how kids learn to eat?  By watching their parents eat.  If their parents are eating garbage, you can bet their kids will be too.

So if Michelle Obama wants to partner with Subway and promote it as a health food, I’m going to need Subway to start encouraging all age groups to eat healthy food, not just kids, and I’m going to need them to cut the garbage from their food.  And while I’m making a wish-list, I’d love it if they’d offer organic vegetable options and increase their vegetarian options.

So what do you think?  Is this just a publicity stunt or do you think Subway has taken a turn for the better?  What would you want Subway to do to really be considered “healthy.”

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5 thoughts on “Subway: Is it really a good fast-food option?

  1. Jenny says:

    I agree with you 100%…….mixed feelings……
    I think we have to applaud the steps toward a better menu and quality of ingredients but not fully endorse a Corporation that does not deserve it…yet

    • sarah says:

      I definitely think they’re on the right path and I really hope they keep it up! It would be great to have a fast food company focused on improving health.

  2. Judy says:

    The chemical, diazocarbonamide is a blowing agent used in the processing of rubber foams. You get it hot enough, it breaks up into gas and voila, bubbles! With that said, I don’t want to eat it.

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