Comfort Food Endorphins

I have not been feeling it this week.  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that the sun hasn’t been out for days and we’ve had two snow storms in a week, but whatever it is, it has got to stop.  I have two exams today, Organic Chemistry and Anatomy, back-to-back, that I am SO not looking forward to, but after that, this week is over. And I can’t wait.

But when it’s one of those weeks, you’re allowed to eat a bunch of the Girl Scout cookies you just bought, and you’re allowed to go grab a slice (or two) of pizza from the delicious place on top of the metro, because when it’s one of those weeks, you just have to.

I know I write about healthy eating a lot, and I try to follow the advice I give, but there are just some days you get to break the rules a tiny bit if it means making yourself feel better.  So I ate that pizza, and I ate those cookies, and you know what, I did feel better.

Turns out, those “comfort foods” are comforting because they help your brain release endorphins.  It’s like when you exercise and you get that rush of feel good energy.  Comfort foods do that too, but obviously with a little more calories.  So it’s okay to have them every now and then, just don’t make it an everyday thing.


Pizza and cookies are my go-to comfort foods.  I’d love to know what yours are!

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