Icelandic Yogurt


This is my new health food obsession.  For those of you that haven’t heard of it, Icelandic yogurt (Skyr) is pretty much the king of yogurts.  It’s like Greek yogurt in that it’s creamy, but, believe it or not, it’s even creamier than Greek yogurt.  Apparently, people in Iceland joke about how it’s the only yogurt that you can eat with a fork and a knife.  You could do this, but I prefer to stick with a spoon.

For 6 oz of yogurt, Icelandic yogurt only has 140 kcal, 0 g of fat, 6 g of sugar and a whopping 20 g of protein.  It’s made with 4 cups of milk in every serving, and like Greek yogurt, it is slowly strained until only a creamy mixture remains.  Unlike Greek yogurt, Skyr is only made with non-fat milk, so it is always guaranteed to be fat free.  Another advantage Skyr has over Greek yogurt is that I’ve only ever seen organic Skyr.

The biggest issue with Skyr is the cost.  6 oz containers are about $2.39 each, which is sort of a lot compared to other yogurts which are about half that price.  I love Skyr, but because of the cost, don’t have it every day (even though I really really wish I could!)

So tell me, have you had Skyr?  What did you think?  Do you like it more than Greek yogurt?

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2 thoughts on “Icelandic Yogurt

  1. I had this in Iceland and loved it!! 🙂

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