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I don’t know what it is about Trader Joe’s and their holiday-themed tea, but it is just so good.  I discovered the Candy Cane Green Tea about 4 years ago, and even my boyfriend’s mother knows how much I love it (she stockpiles it for me).  The Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is new to me this year, and while it still takes second place to the Candy Cane Green Tea, it’s really wonderful as well.

Green Tea is super healthy for you.  This is well documented and pretty much understood by everyone.  What’s important about green tea though, when you drink it, it’s the concentration of the tea that matters.  So don’t dilute it, and if you have a big cup, throw in two bags.  That’s the best way to ensure your body is getting all of those phytochemicals that can help strengthen your immune system and prevent your body from developing cancer.

The Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is also full of phytochemical-containing plants, such as cinnamon, ginger, and hibiscus.

Both of these teas are good choices for preventing sickness, but there are plenty of other good options out there.  Just make sure you aren’t filling up your tea with lots of sugar, and in the case with green teas, don’t put milk in there; the milk prevents your body from absorbing all of the good stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Tea

  1. I loveee Trader Joe’s Tea! I usually buy the regular green tea, but cant resist the Harvest Blend in the fall! There is no better way to fight off the winter blues than with a hot cup of tea.

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