Crab, Corn and Tomato with Papardelle


For my birthday, Josh took me to Chincoteague Island, which I highly recommend to everyone because not only are there wild ponies on the island (my inner-child was screaming with happiness) but there is also some of the most amazing seafood.  We ate at a bunch of great restaurants, and also brought home a bunch of frozen seafood to experiment with on our own.

The last of our stash was a pound of crab.  We kept trying to save it for something really special, but couldn’t figure out what we wanted to be.  Then, last weekend, we hit it.  Crab goes great with corn and tomato, and pasta, well it goes well with everything, so here you go: Crab, Corn and Tomato with Papardelle.

I based some of the recipe off of one of Rachael Ray’s.  I’m not her biggest fan, but this dish, which is pretty American, she does a great job.  The only thing I did different was leave out the red peppers.  The key to this dish, that you absolutely must make sure you include, is the tarragon.  This was my first time cooking with it, and wow! it makes SUCH a difference.  I’m trying to find more recipes to work it into because I thought it was so good and really brought the dish to life.

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