White House Garden Tour

I think I’ve been waiting for a tour of the White House Garden ever since I knew it was an option to take a tour of it. I’ve been to the White House before for a couple of other things, but I have to say this was one of the more fun experiences I’ve had there (although really nothing can beat the Christmas party).

I’m obsessed with Michelle’s garden, even though I now know she doesn’t actually tend to it herself (why I thought she did to begin with is beyond me).  I’m looking forward to having my own home one day that has a yard and is far away from the city and all of the rats and other vermin that come with living in Washington, DC.  We visited the garden on the perfect fall day, and I had such a great time seeing everything in person.

Here are some super touristy/nerdy/Washingtonian pictures of the White House garden tour we went on:


Where things happen


The swing set I’m sure Sasha and Malia have grown out of but I’m more than willing to take off of the their hands 🙂


Oh look, it’s me and Josh.


The band.


The beehive.


Pepper plants!


More plants.


Artichoke. I did not know this is what one looked like.

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