Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon and Rex Healthcare Half Marathon

I ran my first half-marathon in May 2013 and loved it.  The course was beautiful and interesting, hills weren’t very common and everyone was awesome and in a great mood.  So I decided to do another one in November.  Enter the Raleigh City of Oaks Rex Healthcare Half Marathon.

Me and my mom after I finished!

I was really excited about this race because it would be in my home state, and only about 30 minutes away from my home, but I can’t say that enjoyed running it  The course was super hilly and just wasn’t that pretty.  The race was really well organized, although it was hard to find mile-markers and the drinks they were serving on the course contained milk products-which weren’t really going to do it for me.

I ended up buying a waist strap that has a pouch and a place for two small water bottles.  I filled one up with Gatorade (I tried to find an organic, nonsynthetic options, but struggled there), and the other with water.  I put my Shot Bloks in the pouch along with some bandaids and my keys, and I was ready to roll.  I’m really glad I made this purchase because my hand didn’t cramp up from holding a water bottle, and it was much easier to eat food while running because I had some place to hold the water bottle other than in my hand.

The post-race food was also sort of strange, but did a really cool job show-casing some local food like Krispy Kreme and Great Harvest Bread.  I inhaled a donut and a banana  but turned down the chicken noodle soup and the Papa Johns pizza; my body just wasn’t going to be able to deal with it.

I think for now I’m going to be taking a break from half-marathons (until at least next spring), and I’m going to work on getting stronger so that I don’t hate the hill as much.  I have a 10k race coming up too, on Thanksgiving (my whole family is going to be doing it) so I’ll still have to stay in shape for that!

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