Homemade Tofu and Kimchi Dumplings

Tofu and Kimchi Dumplings

I think I mentioned that on our last trip to the Asian grocery store that we came home with about a gallon of kimchi and another gallon or two or tofu right?  Well, we’re still on our quest to figure out what we’re going to do with all of this food.

After digging around on the internet for awhile, we found this recipe.  It looked really easy and so we went for it.  The only change we made was to not use leeks and to use a whole onion instead.

Putting the filling in the dumplings was a lot of fun, but a little challenging at first because it can hard to figure out how much filling to put in.  We made about 50 dumplings, but still had some filling leftover which I turned into kimchi fried quinoa (also yummy).  The dumplings freeze really well if you space them out on a cookie sheet.  After they freeze, just pop them off the sheet and put them into a bowl.

Tofu and Kimchi Dumplings

To cook the dumplings, we steamed them for about 2 minutes and then pan-fried them until they were crispy and golden brown.  Then we used the leftover dipping sauce from the tofu spring rolls.  If you have the time, I definitely recommend making these at home. They’re SO good!

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