FitBit Flex

I got my Fit Bit Flex finally!!  Everyone I know (boyfriend and best friend included) have a step tracker of some sort.  My boyfriend has the FitBit Flex, my best friend has the Nike Fuel Band and other people had the JawBone.  When I learned that the Fit Bit Flex was the only one that could sync with my phone (Droid), it made the decision on which one to get that much easier.

The FitBit Flex tracks my steps, gives me an estimate of how many calories I’ve burned in a day, and will track my sleep for me, letting me know how much time I actually spent asleep.  I had some hiccups the first day (accidentally set my step goal to 130,000 instead of 13,000 and couldn’t figure out why, after running 3 miles, I’d still only completed 1% of my goal), but I am in love with it.  It challenges me to move more, and I love competing with my boyfriend to see which of us gets to our goal faster.

I will say, the FitBit sort of makes me look like a crazy person.  I’ll get up every hour to jog in-place at my desk for a little bit to make my numbers go up, and now during lunch, even when its a billion degrees out, I’m outside walking around, trying to get my step count to go up.

Does anyone else have a FitBit?  What are your experiences with it? Do you love yours as much as I love mine?  What are your tips for getting your step count up? 

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