Staying Healthy, Even When You’re Going Out

I came across this press release from the American Institute for Cancer Research this morning, and I was reminded of something that had bothered me all weekend.  It was Memorial Day weekend, and Of course, everyone in DC (who stayed in DC) was throwing some kind of party or promoting some kind of outdoor drinking.  So, needless to say, alcohol, processed meats, cheeses and high-calorie snacks were everywhere.

It’s hard to resist these temptations (not the processed meat-that grosses me out too much)  but I know that I’m supposed to force myself to stop at one beer (because apparently 2 is considered binge-drinking for women), and I love cookies, cakes and fro-yo more than pretty much anything else in the world.

So how do you stick to all of the cancer prevention tips and still find ways to enjoy yourself when you go out?

1. It’s a lot easier to make those little mistakes if they aren’t “daily” mistakes.  If you treat the things that are “bad” for you as the exception rather than the rule, it’s okay to indulge sometimes.

2. Prepare yourself.  If you know you’re going to a party/brunch/reception that’s going to be serving processed meats, cheese and a variety of chips and dips, eat beforehand.  I attended a reception on Capitol Hill last week, and I made sure I ate a vegetable wrap before I showed up so that I wouldn’t be tempted by all of the snacks that were being served. (I may have given in to one mini crab cake.)

3. Drink lots of water.  In addition to making you feel full, water gives you something to do with your hands and mouth so that you’re less likely to reach for that 2nd beer (or 3rd or 4th…).

4. Host your own party.  If you’re the one hosting, that means you can make sure that the meat you’re serving is happy, the vegetables are organic and the snacks are healthy.

I’d love to know what you do to make sure you’re staying healthy when you go out!

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