Standing Desks

I sit at my desk throughout the work day a lot.  Unless I’m running around to meetings, working a conference, or traveling, I’m sitting behind a desk, in an office, with a beautiful view of a brick wall behind me.  I counted the amount of time I spend sitting on an average day, at it usually works out to 6 or 7 hours, just at work.

And then I read this article in The New Yorker and came to a very rude awakening.  I’d seen articles before about how sitting at your desk for a long time can cause all sorts of health problems (I even remember that story about that woman who flew to Australia and didn’t stand up even once for the full duration of the flight and died from a pulmonary embolism), but I had no idea that it was THIS bad. Sitting for more than 4 hours a day increases your risk for chronic illness (especially diabetes), reduces your life expectancy, decreases your metabolic rate to 1 calorie per minute (this is barely more than if you were dead) as well as increasing your risk of weight gain and obesity.

So that’s all great right.  The woman in the article suggests you may want to invest in a treadmill desk, or even a standing one, to counteract all the horrible things that happen because you sit down all day.

Unfortunately, redecorating my office isn’t in my budget.  But I do have cardboard boxes lying around.  I have a big paper box that I put my monitor on, and a small ink toner box that my mouse pad goes on.  The only thing that would dramatically improve this arrangement is a counter at the same height, but this works for now.

What do you guys use to avoid sitting down all day?

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One thought on “Standing Desks

  1. Great blog entry 🙂 You can also invest in an ergonomic chair that promotes “active sitting” which means your body is always in motion and not in one static position. We know all about that. Or even a chair that promotes “Stitting” (standing-sitting) so that you have something to lean on while working.

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