Beet-Pickled Duck Eggs

We moved up to Petworth, DC recently, which has been an awesome, amazing experience.  People are super friendly and it actually feels like we live in a neighborhood (a rarity in DC).  We were super excited to find out a couple of weeks ago that there is a farmer’s market every Friday about a block from our apartment.

The farmer’s market is a little on the small side (only about 10 or so stands), but it’s got everything you need.  There’s a great meat stand that sells really affordable happy meat, a couple of places that sell some really cool vegetables (vitamin greens anyone?) and a guy who sells some really awesome apples among other items.

When my boyfriend went a couple of weeks ago to pick up some happy pork tenderloin, he was disappointed to learn they’d run out already (people know this man has good meat).  Anyway, the man suggested instead that my boyfriend buy some duck eggs.  They were only $5, and came from the world’s happiest ducks.  Of course he said yes.

Now, a duck egg doesn’t work like a chicken egg.  It’s got a much bigger yolk and tastes a little bit different, but not really enough to notice.  But, since duck eggs aren’t something you have in your fridge every day, it doesn’t really make sense to scramble them up and have them for breakfast.  So after a few days of trying to figure out what to do with these delicious looking eggs, we finally stumbled upon beet-pickled duck eggs.


Aren’t they beautiful?  We used this recipe and were incredibly happy with how they turned out.  The eggs can be eaten on their own or sliced up and put into sandwiches or salads.


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